Chemba is a video conferencing platform that provides online meeting rooms for startups, small businesses, community organizations, schools and institutions of higher learning who lack access to high-speed internet. We have designed to serve individuals, businesses and organizations in low-income countries and communities with low-internet speed. Chemba is a web-based application, therefore it is easily accessible via web browsers and users do not need to download an app. The user interface is very simple to navigate because our target market is people with low-digital skills and those who are not computer literate.

Chemba exists to serve the growing need for online meetings as a prerequisite for physical distancing to contain the spread of COVID19. In our initial research, we discovered that other video conferencing require high-internet speed in order to function optimally, thus failing to serve the needs of people in areas with low internet access. Chemba identified this gap and designed a platform that is able to help areas with low internet access online meetings / conduct video conferencing and online learning comfortably.

When Chemba opened to the public for product testing, over 2000 meetings happened on the platform in more than 20 countries across the globe. Our mid-term growth target is to tap into the 350–million-smartphone users’ market potential in Africa and progressively access other low-income markets around the world in the long term.

Chemba is modelled as a social enterprise; therefore, it leverages on development funding and grants to ensure it is able to meet the demand for online meetings for small businesses, savings groups (chamas) and remote learning for school going children in low-income countries across the globe.


Why Choose Chemba

First video conferencing platform build in  Kenya Africa to support Africa and preferably the whole continent.


All Chemba calls happen in the browser, so they automatically work on any smartphone or PC, right away. Once someone has a trusted account, they can join a meeting with a single click. Chemba has no app to download, or extensions to configure.


All Chemba calls are encrypted, keeping your conversations private and secure. If there are less than 4 people in the call, then the signal is encrypted from end-to-end. For larger conferences, the signal is encrypted between each caller and the central servers.


Every call that you place through Chemba creates jobs in Kenya and supports economic growth here. All fees generated stay in Kenya and across the East Africa region

The Team

Stephen Machua, Co-Founder and CEO

Stephen is a public policy analyst with a background in planning, sustainable enterprising and finance. He is passionate about development and the role of youth in championing digital innovation to address societal needs and global challenges. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Chevening scholarship and the African Leaders of Tomorrow Program.

Brian Nyagol, Co-Founder and CTO

Brian is a software engineer by passion and an electrical engineer by training. He is the Founder and CEO of Brainverse Technologies and Startup Suite. Brian is passionate about developing tech products that address the contemporary global challenges. He is keen on growing the next generation of software developers for social good.